Weddings & Covid-19; What Are My Options?

With the world in limbo or lockdown, we’ve encountered much uncertainty in our daily lives, let alone wedding planning. There is no doubt that countless wedding couples will face tough decisions with Covid-19 looming large. Our hearts go out to all of you.

With that in mind, we have some suggestions as to how to process your options…


Communication with your event planner, venue, and all vendors is vital to making this work. Inquire about all available dates remaining in 2020. We’ve even seen “google-form-savy-couples” use these free tools to create tracking methods for multi-vendor availability:


With so many unknowns, now isn’t the time to be “married” to specifics (pun intended).

* While a Saturday may have been your first choice, consider Fridays, Sundays, and even Thursdays. Such changes may be necessary to line-up all your vendors.

* Discuss a 2021 postponement

* If you’re working with a company like an entertainment agency or photographer collective, they may have other available, comparable alternatives.


Vendors understand the gravity of the moment and are open to discussing changes in their policies. After all, this is an “act of God.”

Inquire into how they are handling the transfer of deposits, options for changing services, and cancellations. It’s likely your vendor has already developed policies related to Covid-19, you need only ask.

Additionally, ask your invitation designer/printer on any options they might be offering should you need a re-print for a new date.

Remember, we’re all in this together; not only to get through this as a community but to make your special day come to life.