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Weddings; What does it all mean basil?

Planning a wedding should be a ton of fun. Avoid the stress and confusion by allowing us to provide food for thought, insight and answers to commonly asked questions.


Wedding Reception Ideas

Live Videos: Is Anything Actually “Live”?

The answer, no. Unless you’re watching a band with your own eyes, it isn’t live. ___________________________ A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a band made a video that featured footage from a wedding or private event, instead of a sound stage or a performance studio. They edited text across their video …

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Featured, News & Advice, Wedding Decor, Wedding Reception Ideas

Band Turnover; What Are My Options?

We’ll let you in on a not so little secret: The band industry is rife with turnover! We live in a society that is continually moving and changing, as are it’s people. Many performers will move on to opportunities with original artists, record deals or writing positions, while others will re-locate in pursuit of their …

Featured, News & Advice, Wedding Decor, Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding Music; How To Sift Through The Noise

So it’s time to get serious about vetting bands. You sit down to review a stack of band material and assume the SONG LIST is the most important, right? Meh…. SONG LIST: Jokes aside, the song list is relevant (not to be confused with the play list, more on that below). But song lists are also …