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Weddings; What does it all mean basil?

Planning a wedding should be a ton of fun. Avoid the stress and confusion by allowing us to provide food for thought, insight and answers to commonly asked questions.


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First Dance Songs 2019

Picking the perfect song for you and your future spouse’s first dance can be anxiety inducing… to say the least. It can be hard to pin point a song that captures a lifetime of memories, past, present and future, into a single moment. We all know the classics. You know which ones I’m talking about. …

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Band Turnover; What Are My Options?

We’ll let you in on a not so little secret: The band industry is rife with turnover! We live in a society that is continually moving and changing, as are it’s people. Many performers will move on to opportunities with original artists, record deals or writing positions, while others will re-locate in pursuit of their …

Featured, News & Advice, Wedding Decor, Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding Music; How To Sift Through The Noise

So it’s time to get serious about vetting bands. You sit down to review a stack of band material and assume the SONG LIST is the most important, right? Meh…. SONG LIST: Jokes aside, the song list is relevant (not to be confused with the play list, more on that below). But song lists are also …