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Band Turnover; What Are My Options?

We’ll let you in on a not so little secret:

The band industry is rife with turnover!

We live in a society that is continually moving and changing, as are it’s people. Many performers will move on to opportunities with original artists, record deals or writing positions, while others will re-locate in pursuit of their own dreams. As such, no band or company can guarantee the appearance of any one performer or vocalist at your event. Anyone who tells you otherwise is being disingenuous.

Nonetheless, there are steps you can take to protect your interests…

1) Ask about a band’s policy regarding member changes, specifically, vocal turnover. What you want to hear is:

A) you will be notified in the event of a vocal change and

B) you will have the option to opt out with a refund in the event you are unhappy with the changes.

2) Consider the band or company’s ability to maintain the integrity and success of their bands, over time. Think about it; if a provider has been successful for 15+ years, they didn’t get there by using the same personnel for 15+ years! This would suggest they have the juice and network to recruit, train and place top-tier talent. Here we find another instance where tenure really matters.

3) Go in with your eyes open. You are not buying a person or persons, but instead, an experience; the guarantee of an incredible party. This can be achieved with different personnel, if necessary. And if you are emotionally prepared for the possibility of turnover, it will help you make a more informed, less emotional decision as to whether the band is still right for you.

Lastly, there is also the possibility for performers to experience physical or personal emergencies. It should be the responsibility of any provider to ensure a substitute of equal or greater talent in the event of an emergency.

The more you know, the more you grow.

-The BWB Team