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Live Videos: Is Anything Actually “Live”?

The answer, no. Unless you’re watching a band with your own eyes, it isn’t live.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a band made a video that featured footage from a wedding or private event, instead of a sound stage or a performance studio. They edited text across their video that read “NON PRODUCED, NON LIP-SYNCED, LIVE VIDEO”. Thus, the age of “live” video was born.

Warnings began popping up on entertainment websites:

“Beware Of Fancy Videos!”

“Non-Produced Videos Only!”

“Luke, I am Your Father!”

…ok, maybe not the last one. But bands who didn’t have the resources or inclination to direct costly video productions devised a new tactic and drove a wedge through the industry.

In truth, “live” videos are anything but. What the warnings don’t mention is “live” videos are still recordings. And to record their music, the band brought in a recording engineer. This engineer operated a sophisticated multi track mixing system, often capturing multiple takes. Later on, they mixed the recorded music in a studio. In some cases they even overdubbed additional parts.

What’s wrong with this?

Nothing! You can’t hold it against a band for putting their best foot forward. When Corvette unveils a new hotrod, it isn’t covered in mud. And when a band attempts to capture the essence of a live performance on video, they present their best self. HOWEVER, the concept of “live” video is an illusion. Unless you’re watching a band with your own eyes, it’s not live. To say otherwise isn’t very cool. And to scare people into believing one video is legit while the other isn’t, well, that’s disingenuous.

In the end, band videos (of any kind) are simply a glance into a group’s personality; just one piece of the puzzle. Band videos must be judged in the context of referrals, reputation, reviews, customer service, tenure and many other important factors. Ultimately, if you have the chance to see a Boston wedding band in person, THAT is where the rubber meets the road. You should take every opportunity to see bands at showcases or clubs.

Over and out space travelers, may the force be with you.

-The BWB Team