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Tips on how to navigate a showcase event to ensure you pick the right band for you. 

Ok, so you’ve searched the entirety of the google, watched countless videos, and have narrowed down your favorites. Now it’s time to focus on attending a live band showcase. While showcases don’t always line up with your preferred bands or time frame, you should still take advantage of viewing opportunities when possible. Aside from the music itself, Boston Wedding Band Showcases are a unique window into the identity of a company or artist. It’s also an excellent opportunity to put a face with a name and have your questions answered. Below are a few strategies you can use to navigate this process:

• Inquire Into Availability

 You’d be surprised how many people attend a showcase without knowing whether the bands they’re seeing are actually available! Make sure you inquire into availability before attending. PS- even if the groups performing aren’t available (or aren’t on your preferred list), it is still beneficial to participate. You can learn a lot about what you do and don’t like from seeing bands.

• RSVP to the event:

Your RSVP will allow the company to 1) keep you current on the latest showcase details, 2) provide availability, and 3) have your information readily available.

• Stay Up To Date On Social

Staying up to date with the company you’re considering on social media will keep you informed of showcase related news, lineups, and even extra content.

• Arrive Early

Showcases are generally held in ballrooms which fill up quickly. Arriving when doors open is the best way to secure your ideal seating. Bonus Tip: you’ll also be able to introduce yourself to the consultants before the performance to address any questions or concerns.

• Be Engaged,

And we’re not just talking about that ring on your finger:

Truth is, showcases can be a little awkward! People attend weddings to experience joy. Whereas people attend showcases to soberly evaluate performers. This is a rather unusual experience for the artists… so have fun, be engaged, and don’t be shy about singing and dancing along. The more energy you give, the more the performers will be able to show a glimpse into what your wedding day will look like.

• Introduce Yourself to the Band

After the performance, there is always an opportunity to say hello to the band personnel.

• Submit Your Booking Request ASAP 

 If you’ve done all of the above and fallen in love with a band, what’s next? Submit your request ASAP! Groups are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you have a hot date, chances are you won’t be the only one in the room that night with the same date. The sooner you submit your booking request, the higher the chance of securing your Boston Wedding Band.


This one is obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people show up stressed about the process. Music should be one of the most fun aspects of planning your wedding. Enjoy yourselves and forget about the checklist for the night. Live in the moment, go with your gut, and you’ll know just what band is right for you.